Social Responsibility

Society services:
– Near the plants, the company built a residential city equipped with all the necessary utilities for lodging workers needed in emergency cases.

– A cooperate Association for construction and housing is established by the company for the workers. The company granted ten Feddans near the plant to built houses for the cooperative members.

– The company has several sport teams in different games including fish team. Scouting in the company is forming a great activity through all divisions (sea, air, boys, and girls scout ) which includes workers from all ages-as well as- their children – under the leadership of qualified leaders with Wool Badges .

– The Trip committee organizes trips for workers and their families all the year round and helps them to spend summer at low cost in Agmy, Abu-Kir, and Matrouh beaches.

– The cultural committee also sponsors cultural talents in fine arts and different cultural fields. It asses the exhibitions and organizes competition for the Holy Quran among the workers.

– The workers club organizes an annual Umrah Trip for workers at a cost 50% of the trip expenses.

– The company established a nursery for females workers kids until they reached the primary stages.

– With the assistance of The Ministry of Education, the company built two schools in the residential city for the primary and preparatory stages for the workers children and the neighboring residents villages.

-In order to facilitate the means of living works and residents of the residential city and to help them to obtain the requirements of foods and clothes in easy way , the company established a workers consumer cooperatives in the residential city .Also a branch of Alexandria Co. for Consumer Complex has been established to serve the residents.

– Serving the residential city and neighboring villages ,the company granted a plot of land space to establish a telephone central .Also granted another land space to establish a drinking water station.

The Company Policy for the Environmental Protection:
– The company has three units of industrial waste water treatment and another three units for the sewage treatment. The analysis of the output of these units is identical to the environmental standards.

– The company provided an environmental commitment plan in 1997 to Egyptian Environmental Affair Agency (EEAA). It was accepted to work conforming the standards of the Environmental Law 4/94.

– The EEAA accepted the Environmental impact study for The Polyester Fiber Expansion Project.