About us

Misrayon & Polyester Fiber Co. is one of the affiliated companies to The Holding Company for Cotton, Spinning, Weaving and Clothing. The company was established in the name “Misrayon Co.” by the Royal Decree of April 24th , 1946 at the initiative of Banque Misr with a group of companies and shareholders with capital of L.E. 1.5 million to produce rayon . The company was partially nationalized by the Presidential Decree No. 119 of 1961, and Fully nationalized by The Act No. 72 of 1963. The shareholders were compensated. The company’s shares became a wholly owned 100% to the state.

Misrayon & Polyester Fiber Co. is the first producer of Man-made and Synthetic fibers in Egypt and in the Middle East. The headquarter of the company is located in Kafr El-Dawar, 23 km south east of Alexandria. The company started its production of rayon in 1948 to produce filament, fiber and cellophane paper using the american technology of Von Kohorn Co. In 1957, Nylon Plant was established in collaboration with the German company – Zimmer – for the production of nylon filament and fibers,. The company set up the Spun yarn plant for the spinning of synthetic fibers in 1975 with equipment from the German company Textima. The company started its production of Polyester Fiber in 1981 by a technology from France’s Rhone Bulanc article using DMT as a raw material, and then set up a polyester Filament plant in 1983 in collaboration with ARCT , Frence.

The polyester plants were spun-off- as an independent company – on July 20th , 1998 on behalf of the “Misr Polyester Co.” as the state’s plan to support the privatization program. The new company started the development of polyester fiber plant in 2006 to use PTA as a raw material with annual capacity 44,000 tons with the Chinese technology from HQCEC Co.with the help of the Chinese Government. Misrayon and Misr Polyester companies were merged in January 17th , 2008 under the name ” Misrayon & Polyester Fiber Co. ” to concerte efforts to complete the project of Polyester Fiber development .The project started its production and inaugurated in May 2010.

Adoption of the company’s articles of association in accordance with the provisions of Law185 of 2020 and its executive regulations issued in the Egyptian Gazette No. 33published on 9/2/2022, where the company’s purpose was amended to produce polyester fibers and yarns only